Certified in 2008 by the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, our animal rescue center serves as a recovery shelter for a variety of wild species that are either sick or injured, or have suffered from wildlife trafficking. Our goal is to heal and reintegrate animals back into to their habitat, like with this white-rumped hawk.

During this process, we help educate and create awareness amongst people of our community--especially children, because they are our future. We hope to spread our passion for preserving wildlife in our youth, in the hopes that there will still be wildlife left for future generations to come.  


Most of the animals at Agrinag Foundation are wild species that were rescued by the Ministerio del Ecuador and brought to our rescue center to recover, in the hopes of being released back to their natural habitats. The animals who are unable to return to the wild will receive the best care possible from our team of caregivers, volunteers & veterinarians--and always with help and supervision of the Ministerio del Ambiente of Ecuador.