In January 2019, the "Global Alliance to End Plastic Waste" was created, and new laws banning single-use plastics are going into effect soon.

Several of our clients from Australia, Spain, Holland and the US have already joined this global trend by asking us not to use plastic sleeves on their products. This eco-friendly option also reduces their individual waste and labor—plus, it’s proven to work just fine!

We want to be part of this positive change, and as of August 15th, 2019, Agrinag is going sleeveless. We understand, however, that some of you may not be ready for this adjustment. If you need to continue using plastic sleeves, please contact our sales representative to request this service.

This decision will contribute to our sustainability initiative by immediately reducing the 20+ tons of plastic that Agrinag uses solely on sleeves every year. And for that, we are thrilled!